The CJ Murphy Group of Companies and the businesses which form part of our group have been in operation since the early 90’s. Throughout this period our Directors have developed the businesses based on our core values, our people and customers, giving back to the community, whilst embracing our family culture.

Our People:

Within the group we employ over 100 staff members, each division is managed with the same disciplines and values we began our business with. Our people, their wellbeing, confidence to lead, grow as an individual and meet their career goals are paramount to us. Our employees form part of who we are and we encourage them to be the best they can be.

Giving Back:

Here at the CJ Murphy Group of Companies we love to give back. We support many charities year in and year out, organisations like the Soar and Roar Festival and the Westmead Children’s Hospital. We not only support the wider community that we live in and work in, we actively support our staff in continuous career development and the hosting of recreation days to ensure a great work-life balance.

Getting the job done:

Dedication to “getting the job done” is a main focus for our team, we have always held our customers and their project needs as a priority and we believe it is this dedication that has enabled us to build the reputation we hold industry wide.

SS Bradley