Our Services

Spray Seal

Our Spray Seal is carried out to TMR Qld specification in line with our seal designs completed by AAPA seal design and selection accredited personnel. We have third party accredited WHS, Quality and Environment management systems.

We provide a full range of C170 hot sprayed bitumen products including all AMC products, emulsions, rubber seals and poly modified binders. We have the technical ability to offer all seal designs, completed in house, to the relevant specifications.

Spray seal is most commonly used as a final wearing course, as well as prime, primer seals and primer binders to unsealed bases (waterproofing and reflective cracking absorption). We also provide services in the areas of re-seal, pavement preparation, jet patching, line marking, micro-surfacing and waterproofing membranes to bridge decks and flush seals for durability and extension of pavement life.

Additional Services

SS Bradley in addition to our core service of Spray Seal offer multiple bituminous pavement solutions. We can provide and manage the services of Asphalt, Profiling and Crack Sealing. These services complement our diversifying business.


SS Bradley have been supporting the local area since being in business, performing private works for civil construction companies and private clients as well as contracting to larger civil clients taking care of the Spray Seal components of the project.

Dedicated to maintaining a professional relationship with all clients, SS Bradley have been involved in many key projects, enabling us to grow, innovate and strengthen in the flexible pavement industry.

SS Bradley